Der eigene Weg 2019 – Reiner Sonnenschein

Name: Reiner Sonnenschein


Reiner Sonnenschein is a corporate slave at daytime and music producer at night. Since 2012 he has been releasing electronic music ranging from Ambient to Techno. The latest release in May 2019 was the downtempo album „Convenience Supremacy“, available as digital download and on all streaming platforms. Musically the release is melting futuristic beats with haunting atmospheres and ephemeral melodies. The album was produced with a wide range of everyday sounds turned into instruments and granular beats, harvested from nature, metal structures and people. The listener can taste the mystical and dreamy bouquet enriched with a hint of darkness and explore an unexpected melange of ingredients, leaving behind an akwardly satisfying cozi- and dizziness. A representative example is the very positively received track „Ayako“.

Quelle: Künstlerinfo