Der eigene Weg 2019 – Tigerforest

Name: Gunnar Spardel

Diskographie (Auswahl): Daybreak (2009), The Tides Of Day And Night (2014), Songs Of Reverence (2016)


Gunnar Spardel is the mastermind behind the music project “Tigerforest”. The name is a word play on the Taiga forests that cover much of the far northern hemisphere, extending into the Arctic Circle. It produces more than half of the oxygen produced from trees on the planet.
Spardel was born and raised in Hamburg / Germany but is currently living in New England / USA where he sculpts expansive electronic soundscapes inspired by nature’s deepest mysteries. A largely self-taught musician who has played synthesizers since an early age, Spardel has a remarkable command of orchestration, arrangement and dynamics, as revealed throughout his compositions. His desire is into creating visionary atmospheres mixing lush instrumentation and thick-layered synthesizers for a sound that lies somewhere between 80s dream pop and modern electronica in the tradition of Teutonic sound pioneers.
Discovery is the seventh studio album from German electronic musician, composer and producer Gunnar Spardel under his Tigerforest project and the follow up to the critically acclaimed 2016 release on Lemongrassmusic “Songs of Reverence” which was characterized by an extraordinary stylistic range. On Discovery, Tigerforest spared no expense and effort to surprise the listener again with music full of hopes and dreams inspired by the atmospheres of our time and the vibrations of the world.
The term “discovery” has been used in many different ways. Simply put, the term “discovery” refers to the purported “eureka moment” of having a new insight. With Discovery, Tigerforest has arrived in this one moment and captivates with its clarity and power – and at the same time condenses a decade of the essence of Tigerforest’s music – each track is a small work of art, a self-contained story to be discovered, subtly composed and arranged, an uplifting world of sound with surprising twists and turns.
Dreamlike melodies and ethereal arrangements make an extraordinary Sound experience between epic power and grace. Tigerforest has embarked on another great journey of discovery and created a weightless album with gripping instrumental tracks and impressive guest singers like vocal sensation Aly Frank from New York. Also spectacular and suspenseful: A collaboration with vocal wonder Roberta Carter Harrison. Together they created a song which makes you feel the lightness of love in every aspect.
Together with longtime friend and collaborator Eskadet and vocalist Amethyste, Tigerforest created Karukera, a soundscape of extraordinary power and beauty which was inspired by the initially French Caribbean term “Karukera”, meaning “the islands of beautiful waters.”
Also for the first time, a wonderful collaboration with fellow German chill out artist Der Waldläufer. “Mountains” is about their mutual love for hiking in the great outdoors and appreciating nature and respecting its eternal force. The new Tigerforest album invites you on a journey through unique and extraordinary worlds of sound.

Quelle: Künstlerinfo