Der eigene Weg 2020 – Adeptus Mechanicus

Name: Gerrit J.Vos

Diskographie (Auswahl): The Skyline (2019), Frozen (2019), Deep Healing (2020)


Adeptus Mechanicus is a multi disciplinary musical project, started in September of 2014, by Gerrit J. Vos. This project puts out albums at an unprecedented rate. The love for experimental music by Adeptus Mechanicus, by releasing several atonal Harsh Noise and Power Electronics albums. As the project grew over time, Adeptus Mechanicus concluded, that it was time to expand its music views, shifting more and more towards the softer and more Ambient side of the musical spectrum, thus leaving the earlier musical styles for what they were. Eventually, in 2019, Adeptus Mechanicus had become a fulltime Ambient and Berlin-School project.