Der eigene Weg 2020 – ToXyGeNeDK

Name: Torben Friedrich
Diskographie (Auswahl): Electronica (2010), Red Earth (2018), Radiation (2020)

I’m born in Silkeborg, Denmark 1964 and I have always loved electronic and instrumental music. I started playing the piano at the age of 4. Later the piano was replaced by an organ and as a young teenager in the late seventies and beginning of the eighties I started playing on synthesizers.

I can only play by the ear.

ToXyGeNeDK was founded in 2009.

All my songs are recorded in real-time, built up track by track. No soft synths in my house.

I only use hardware analog and digital synthesizers + some vintage gear = An organ from 1976 (the Eminent 310 Unique) and a drum machine from the late sixties. (Korg Keio Mini pops 7). Both these vintage instruments are also still being used by Jean-Michel Jarre and their unique sounds are well known from his Oxygene and Equinoxe albums. I love the Strings Ensemble form the Eminent 310 very much and I almost use it in all the music I make.

I have a passion for the good old analog sounds and naturally I’m very much inspired by the old work of Jean-Michel Jarre, but I am also very much inspired by Space, Milkways, Klaus Schulze and many other EM artists from the 70 and 80’s.

Genre: Electronica, Berlin School type of music.

My music is available for download and stream on bandcamp, Itunes, Spotify and on many more digital platforms.

Why do I have this strange artist name ?

T stands for Torben
oXyGeNe stands for my favorite album by JMJ
DK stands for Denmark, where I live.

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