Der Eigene Weg 2022 – Nerissa Schwarz

Nerissa Schwarz

Name: Nerissa Schwarz

Diskographie:  Playgrounds Lost (2016), New Eyes For Laika (2022)


Composer, producer and experimental harpist Nerissa Schwarz has always defied categorisation – both as an acclaimed solo artist and with her band Frequency Drift, which released eight albums and played festivals all over Europe.

With her knack for creating scores of imaginary films, she explored themes of childhood on her debut solo release, the dark and enigmatic “Playgrounds Lost”. Nerissa Schwarz’s second solo album “New Eyes for Laika” is a sequence of nine gripping compositions, oscillating between light and shade while stimulating the imagination with its twists and unusual arrangements.

“New Eyes for Laika”, which was inspired by the ambivalent theme of self-aware artificial intelligence, features Schwarz’s characteristic innovative harp sounds alongside a variety of spacey keyboards. With her creative use of effects pedals, she elicits eerie ambiance, alien percussive noises and heavy, distorted bass notes from her harp, fusing evocative textures, soaring melodic beauty and subtle rhythmic intricacy.

Quelle: Künstlerinfo/-Webseite