Der eigene Weg – Napoca Experiment

Name: Sergiu Salagean

Bisherige Veröffentlichungen: In Memory Of You (2017)


Sergiu Salagean, also known as” Napoca Experiment”, is a multi discipline electronica composer and producer based outside Portland, Oregon.  His interest in electronic music started in his youth when he first listened to Tangerine Dream’s seminal album, Rubycon. This life-long love led him to pursue composing ambient electronic music in 2016. Now, he crafts soundscapes by drawing on his lifetime of influence from electronic greats like Tang1erine Dream, Jean-Michael Jarre, and Vangelis.
Sergiu uses sequences, instruments and experimental sounds to blend psychedelic landscapes of flowing ambient synth scores and stark, piercing melodies. These work in harmony to transport listeners to another world with mysterious, abstract and beautiful tracks which work to subvert their subconscious and view the universe.

Quelle: Künstlerinfo/Webseite