Der eigene Weg – Sensory++

Name: Joost Egelie

Bisherige Veröffentlichungen (Auswahl): Boundaries Of Infinity (2008), From Mars To Earth (2010), Planet (2014), Art OfSadness (2017)


Electronic Music has been in me since the very beginning. Born in 1973, I got in touch with Jarre’s Equinoxe and Oxygène, Vangelis’ Spiral, Nova’s Aurora…just by listening to mainstream radio.
As I got VERY interested by space and technology, the music accompanying the various documentaries about that subject kinda grew on me.
Last but not least, I did some very musical stuff on the Commodore 64.

I was introduced to the real Electronic Music by one person, Erwin Broers, on a trip to Sweden. He whistled a tune (Equinoxe pt 3, IIRC) and I whistled along. This was the beginning of a friendship that lasted long in which he pointed out some very interesting gems of EM.

Later on I got into “doing music” myself . Music theory (chords!) I learned from a book and a mini keyboard. After that I bought a synth, the Roland JX-3P which I still own today. Some synths followed, and one I killed in a very brutal way, by accident…
Never did I do something serious with this hobby until 2006. It was then that I discovered Ardour – some very excellent free music software. This made it possible to record and edit the things I made into real compositions, and so the journey begun.

Wandering to and fro different styles, I finally found my place now – in cosmos. Back to the very beginning as it seems 🙂
This called for a new name too – as my own name is a little unpronounceable in English.

“Sensory++” stands for a enheightened state of sensation – awareness. I hope the Cosmic Music I make puts you in a mood that makes Earthly matters seem trivial. It puts all things in perspective, as humans and their businesses are wandering this planet for just about a cosmic second…

The music will help you concentrate, focus, meditate, …whatever your (subconscious) mind needs at the moment you choose to listen to it. I hope you enjoy it. Because I really enjoyed making it 🙂

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